Turkey has achieved significant results in the medical field in the last ten years that are admired by the whole world. Thanks to such improvements, Turkey has turned into a regional attraction center in terms of medical studies, medical tourism and delivery of all kinds of medical services.

During that period there has been a great deal of increase in the demands coming from various countries of the world for getting education in Turkey.

So far the number of foreign doctors who have graduated from Turkish medical institutions is about 3.500.  Such figures increase year after year with those who still study in our institutions.

Being the most domestically and internationally organized non governmental organization in Turkey, we, as TÜMSİAD, wish to assume responsibility of an organization that will provide added value to the economy along with the success achieved by our government in the field of healthcare.

Trusting that the foreign doctors and other healthcare professionals who have graduated from Turkish institutions will act as voluntary healthcare ambassadors for Turkey, we plan on bringing together those people for the second time in Turkey under a main theme.

This way, the voluntary healthcare ambassadors will be given the opportunity to get together and exchange opinions and knowledge through the hospitality of our country, which in turn will pave the way for significant and continuous cooperation in the field of healthcare with Turkey.   

Through this congress aiming at strengthening the ties of the foreign healthcare professional graduated from Turkish medical institutions with our country through annual events, it is hoped that the objectives set for medical tourism will be achieved more quickly and that inroads will be made into making the medical sector the driving force of the Turkish economy.

We are planning on holding the second congress, which we consider organizing through the cooperation and contributions of various relevant public institutions and non governmental organizations and above all the Ministry of Health, in Istanbul in December 2014.

With the joy of bringing together the voluntary healthcare ambassadors from all over the world at the 2nd International Turkey Medical Alumni Congress, we are looking forward to seeing all the sector representatives at this congress. 


On behalf of the Organization Body, 


TÜMSİAD Chairman